Friday, April 16, 2010

Grade 7 Art Lessons - The Human Face

A self-portrait??? Yes, hard to believe but I did it. It was after I drew myself and then transferred it to canvas. After that we got to do a two-minute self-portrait. So much fun!
If I could do it, then I knew my students could do it. So after that workshop I taught lessons on how to draw the human face, paint your own face and then do a fun 2 minute painting using no brush!

The results are quite great and surprising to the students. So for 2 or 3 years now I have used this lesson in grade 7. In grade 8 we do more of the anime faces and Japanese anime known as manga.

Here are the 3 lessons I wrote about the methods, materials and hints for drawing, then painting faces. Really good advice I used: How to Draw Human Faces
Painting Realistic Self - Portraits

and Mask Making of Human Faces

Trying to draw magazine faces just didn't help the students' confidence too much. It is a good introductory lesson. Have the students draw the faces from magazines upside down to get their right side of the brain working and looking for contours. Post their drawings right side up with the magazine face right beside.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Math Made Sensible

Some math can described so simply and other math is so full of jargon, terms and specific conditions that students get lost. By clarifying basic strategies to solving math concepts, practicing and doing things step by step, some math can be made sense of. I wrote a guide for teaching a calculus concept called limits. Then I wrote up some sample questions and solutions, for students in grade 12 to follow. I learned this when I was in grade 12. So passing on these strategies has been satisfying.
You'll find great teaching tips for this concept in the article: Calculus Limit Problems Made Easy.
Then accompanying study guide for students is in the article: How to Solve Calculus Limit Problems.
The special cases of limit problems is in a separate but related article called: How to Solve Special Cases of Calculus Limit Problems
The articles are all linked together and provide examples wih a sheet of solutions. It is free Calculus help for students and teachers alike. Hope it is useful.