Monday, June 8, 2009

Father's Day Art Projects

With Father's Day approaching, teachers might find it hard to come up with a quick and easy art project for Father's Day. Some teachers make birdhouses with their children. This requires planning, materials and help from parents. So, I wrote an article to create some simple art projects in grade 2 to 8 for Father's Day. They mostly involves sketching, cutting and pasting collages from magazines and posters, or painting. Try some of them.
The first 4 of 10 projects are found in this article at Bright Hub: Top 10 Father's Day Art Projects

The next 6 projects are found in part 2 of the article at:
Top 10 Father's Day Art Projects - Part 2

I suggest making a Father's Day card as a separate project. At the grade 4 level we are creating bowls from magazines. This project has taken several classes. The magazine bowl project procedures and lessons can be found at: Recycled Art - magazine Bowl Project
The gift to their father is to put some Hersheys hugs and kisses in the bowl, or golf tees, fish hooks or other small items. We also spray painted the bowls in sivler, black or red. The students liked this effect but did not hold the bowl in place too well.