Saturday, December 18, 2010

THE DIGITAL STORY OF NATIVITY - ( or Christmas 2.0 )

Friday, December 17, 2010

November and December Projects

Grade 7 Human Faces Project involves sketching the human face, sketching a self-portrait, painting a self-portrait on canvas and finally painting in 2 minutes a self-portrait with no paintbrush!
Mask-masking of the human form is next. The students love to create a mask with beards, mustaches, noses, ears and other lumps on the mask. Once painted (with eyes closed), they are allowed to glue on various accesories such as hair, earrings, glasses and caps to cover the head.

As tough as it is to direct the students to create a human form rather than a more creative creature, they like making it look realistic with the accessories. So, I try to buy cheap hats and glasses at liquidation stores and doll hair for hair rather than yarn.

Grade 8 Anime Project involves sketching anime faces, anime facial parts such as different noses, eyes and ears, anime bodys in exagerated proportions and finally an anime character. After painting the anime character, the students then make a mask from a human form. They must build up the eyes and minimize the mouth by painting the mask skin color and the eyes bright black colors. Then they attach foam hair in sparkling bright colors to create the pointy block hairstyles of anime.
The results are amazing and once again, the students have fun realizing art can be achieved through different mediums.
Mask making is a lot of prep work but is rewarding to the students. They love seeing their displays of their creations.