Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fall Art Projects

This fall I did fall watercolor leaves with grade 4 and 5 students, carved gourds with 7's and 8's, and made clay arthropods with science grade 6 students. I have written articles on the methods at Bright Hub for these projects. The science creatures were very fun to do. The invertebrates are displayed with cards describing the adaptations. If you have access to clay and a kiln, try this art/science project!
Details are found at: Making Clay Arthropods-A Fun Science Activity.

The carved gourds was interesting, a bit difficult for grade 7 and 8 students but we had fun trying. I discovered many things you can make with gourds as a craft, but are time consuming. Candles, bowls, purses and drums were a few of the interesting cultural crafts made from them. We simply carved them and made them brown by applying shoe polish. The article and method is at: Gourds and Gourd Art Etching

Watercolor leaves was a fun and easy watercolor project where the students drew leaf shapes and painted in 2 colors and then filled in the background. They were displayed altogether and it was a lovely fall display. I would do this again. The article with the steps is found at: Easy Watercolors for Fall