Saturday, January 29, 2011

Anime Characters, Anime Faces, Anime Drawing - Lessons to Use

Anime is fascinating and not that difficult to get students to draw. I teach it in grade 8 because a student who was good at it doodled anime characters all the time. It gave him a chance to shine. So now its lessons on anime drawing for everyone. I wrote an article on the progression of lessons I use to teach this topic in art. Check it out at Anime Lessons for Art Class: Anime Drawing Made Easy. I don't think many teachers do it. There are many anime drawing lessons online and help people can get.
Some people are natural at anime drawing and their style shows through even without demonstrating they used all the different forms and facial features taught.

After the drawing lessons, I usually have them paint a character and then create an anime mask. These are fun if you have big bright eyes painted on and foam hair to glue on for big sparkly hairstyles. Students are usually happy with their results. Here is the lesson on creating an anime mask called  How to Create Anime Characters Using Plaster Mask Making .

I display all the masks together for everyone to look at the different styles. The blue hair and blue eyes are fun to see as well as green and red too!